For how long is Cialis going to work in me?
As soon as you take Cialis, it is going to help you to get an erection for about 36 hours in a row. Due to the reason that the flow of blood will get to your penis very quickly, you will experience erection every time when you are getting sexually excited in any way. Do not think that you will be walking around with an erection for more than a day, the reason why we are saying that Cialis works for 36 hours means that your erection will be noticeable and stable only when you are in the right mood for sex.

I am 49 and I have erectile dysfunction can I take Cialis and get an erection quicker?
By all means, you can take Cialis but only on the condition that you are not taking any other drugs and not going to combine alcohol with this drug. Remember that those people who have any kind of heart conditions are not advised to take Cialis at all.

Can Cialis make me want to have sex or is it just going to give me an erection without any kind of strong desire at all?
Well, Cialis does not cause any desire for you to have sex; you only have to take it when you are going to be sexually stimulated lately. So, for instance, if you know that you are going to get intimate with your partner this evening then take Cialis 2 hours ahead. Therefore, you will experience an incredible erection for a certain amount of time and there will be no delay in arousal at all.

I am going to take 100 mg pill of Cialis right now, will I get dreadful side effects at all?
It totally depends on your health conditions and whether or not you have some severe issues with heart or lungs, for instance. In case you are overweight, we do not want you to take such a great amount of Cialis in order not to increase your blood pressure and cause seizures or temporary vision loss at all.

I have taken viagra recently; nearly a month ago can I take Cialis right now?
It will be better to visit the hospital and get a proper consultation from your therapist or another doctor who knows your medical history. It should not be difficult for you to check whether or not your health is damaged in any way. After doing so, you can be totally sure whether or not your body will take Cialis the way it should.

I just turned 30 but unfortunately, I already experienced erectile dysfunction. What can you advise me and how can I properly get rid of ED once and for all?
Cialis is just a perfect drug for you. As soon as you take it, you will clearly see that as soon as you are sexually stimulated your erection will be stronger than ever and it will disappear the way it used to, very soon. Some men can even experience various kinds of low self-esteem issues and for that matter when you are still young, you have to find a proper way to get rid of ED this instant.

I am heavy smoker can it cause my early impotence?
Yes, by all means, tobacco can lead you to severe impotence even at a very young age. Some men even experience problems with an erection while they are in their early thirties. Take into account that your heart problems that are caused by heavy smoking can lead to dreadful erection problems and other issues in the bedroom.

When I was taking Cialis, I experienced awful headaches and it happened all the time when I was getting this drug to my system, how to avoid it in future?
Make sure that you are not eating any meal before taking Cialis and it will be better to avoid any kind of alcoholic liquids whatsoever. Remember that when you are not careful with taking Cialis, it can cause some serious health problems. When your doctor advises you to take 10 mg pill listen to him and never take 20 mg when you are not supposed to do so.