ED Prevention: The Most Harmful Food Products and Drinks for Male Potency.

Problems with male sexual vigor and sexual activity may happen to men regardless of their age. It’s well-known that there are a great number of factors and reasons that provoke the development of erectile dysfunction. One of them is unhealthy and unbalanced nutrition. In general, these are the products that have a negative impact on the whole body including cardiovascular, endocrine and genitourinary systems of the organism. The thing is that all heart and hormonal disorders have a direct influence on the male genital system and its functioning.

ED Prevention: The Most Harmful Food Products and Drinks for Male Potency.

Food products you’ll read about in this article not only disturb the testosterone production and slow down sperm formation, but decreased libido as well.

Fast Food – the Secret of Poor Potency

If you don’t eat pizzas and burgers sometimes during the day but do it quite rarely, there is nothing to worry about. Only regular consumption of these products can bring real harm to male health. The most dangerous implications are:

  • increase in cholesterol level in blood;
  • hemoliths that interrupt blood circulation;
  • problems with heart;
  • risk of thrombosis;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • weight gain;
  • damage to the endocrine profile;
  • decrease in testosterone level in blood.

The products, which are Better to Avoid?

To fence the consequences listed above, it’s necessary to exclude all fast food from your ration, for example:

  • Hamburgers;
  • Sauces;
  • Pastries and breads;
  • Hot-dogs;
  • Sausage products;
  • Instant noodles;
  • Streaky meat;
  • Soymeal;
  • Gluten products.

Besides, andrologists warn to eat canned vegetables as less as possible. Excessive consumption of such products leads to loss of sexual desire because of accumulation of sodium salts in the organism. It provokes the increase in arterial blood pressure that gives an extra stress on the heart. It causes labored breathing and irregularity of pulse, which are the signs of cardiovascular diseases. As a result, there is blood supply disturbance of the pelvic organs.

Products that seem to be Healthy

It may sound strange but some food products, which are usually thought to be very healthy or grade to usual daily food, may lead to a decreased sperm formation, hormonal imbalance and weak erection. They’re:

  • A glass of milk a day won’t do harm but excessive drinking adversely affects male potency. The thing is that milk contains buiatric estrogen, which is more healthful for children and women rather than for representatives of the sterner sex.
  • The standard rate of eggs consumption is one egg per 2 days. Egg envelope contains substances harmful to the male reproductive function. Besides, there is much cholesterol.
  • Vegetable oil. It’s better to avoid soy oil, corn oil and linseed oil. Sunflower oil is allowed in small amounts. Nut oil and olive oil are highly healthful and can be eaten without restriction.

Harmful Beverages

Among the most favorite beverages, there are a great many ones, which are considered to be injurious to health:

  • Carbonated soft drinks. They contain too many unhealthy ingredients: sugar, preservative chemicals, artificial coloring agents and flavors, carcinogens and so on.
  • At first, caffeine promotes sexual arousal, but eventually, it destroys androsterones. It’s quite possible to drink time to time real coffee, but not a freeze-dried coffee. It’s characterized by superacidity and makes the male body produce female hormones.
  • Green tea. It contains caffeine.
  • They decrease the production of sperm and sex hormones.
  • It’s the most harmful beverage for male fertility because contains a large number of phytoestrogens.

From the knowledge of all these food products influence on male health, it’s better to exclude them from your daily menu. To keep healthy potency for many years, it’s necessary to opt for more porridge, fresh fruits and vegetables, still water and boiled lean meat.