All causes of sexual incompatibility and its influence on relations!

The real absolute incompatibility in sex is rare, but the difficulties in sexual life also appear when there are only a few mismatches. Especially, when people do not use Cialis and Viagra to improve potency. Mismatches are characterized as false and real.

Incompatibility groups

Here are several factors that are conditional and may cause incompatibility in sex, which consist of the following groups:

1. Psychological group.

All causes of sexual incompatibility and its influence on relations!This includes the differences that were formed by different sexual experiences of partners. With the gained experience, each partner has his own priorities in sex, which do not coincide with the tastes of the new partner. Since men and women have different attitudes towards sex, this also has an effect on their compatibility. Different fantasies in sex may also interfere with normal sexual relations between partners, especially when the richer fantasy of one of them is not subject to or unacceptable for another one.

2. Physiological group.

It combines incompatibilities of a technical nature. An example is a small penis in comparison with the wide vagina of a woman and vice versa. To this group can be attributed the mismatch between partners in time, when each of them is excited and achieves orgasm. Cialis free trial will help you to establish the sexual compatibility of this group and come to family harmony.

3. Group psychophysical.

Since compatibility in sex directly depends on the desire of both partners, the difference in temperament may be the starting point of this discrepancy. Guys are usually ready for sex every day, and ladies may not want to have sex or feel tired after a day’s worries, or in their life, it’s time for menstruation. It is great when the frequency of sexual intercourse with partners is the same, but it does not happen to everyone. Biorhythms, or rather, their mismatch also leads to incompatibility in sex.

4. A group with an educational aspect.

The extent to which partners are aware of intimate relationships affects their sexual compatibility. If there are mutual understanding and tactful attitude to your partner in the sexually-intimate sphere, then there are no problems.

5. A group with a medical factor.

This group includes cases of deviation in the sexual sphere, owning problems that need to be addressed to doctors.

What about love

All causes of sexual incompatibility and its influence on relations!The axiom of love is that if a man and his lady love each other, then they cannot have any difficulties in intimate relationships. So where does the sexual disharmony come from, if the hearts of people are filled with mutual love? The fact is that at the top of a love relationship, a man and a woman do not pay much attention to the roughness that occurs in all spheres of their relationship, but the time of love is passing, and all the negative consequences in the relationship begin to manifest itself more strongly and already without mitigating circumstances.

How to solve this problem

First, you need to find its roots. If the source is the inconvenience associated with physiology, then you need to experiment, trying to have intimate act in other poses, really acceptable and enjoyable to both partners. Perhaps, you need to start monitoring the cost of Cialis. Often partners do not come to the peak of their sexual pleasure together, and getting an orgasm cannot be the only factor of compatibility in the intimate sphere between a man and a lady. If among the partners, there are psychological difficulties, then it is possible to solve them honestly, openly talking about it among themselves.